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Easy Text Message Requests

Reviews are one of the best ways to generate strong Google signals.

... And now, you can EASILY ask patients for reviews.

Did you have a great appointment? With ReviewPro, you can send a quick text message to your patient's phone!

Simply use your custom-developed Marketing Dashboard to choose which review site you want your patient to visit, and send a pre-formatted text message that includes a convenient, clickable link.

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Two phones showing ease of writing a review

Patients will love the ease.

... and you'll love the results.

  • Build your positive review presence on Google + and other review websites.
  • Benefit SEO, and grow in rankings in local and organic search results.

Simplify the review process, and give patients an opportunity to easily leave reviews - right from your office!


Encourage YOUR patients to post positive reviews to online review sites!

ReviewPro is simple, and works on all devices. Isn't it time for you to take control of your reviews?


“ReviewPro removes the challenge of getting online reviews from patients. It’s so easy!”

— Angela, Roadside Account Manager

Plus a Gated Sharing Platform

You can prevent negative reviews from going public ... and help get your great reviews online!

Take control of your reviews.

With the easy-to-use ReviewPro platform, guests are invited to give a 1-5 star rating.

Based on the review star level, guests will either be routed to a sincere thank you page, OR will be given the option to share their glowing review on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, and more!

Phone icon with a 5 star review request

Two phones showing review sites with 1-5 stars

Keep your feedback private.

With a poor review, you will be privately notified so you can quickly respond.


Share the good news!

With a great review, the final step is for your guest to share online!


ReviewPro includes:

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    Your own personal review site - that can be linked to from any device (from mobile to desktop).
  • 3 boxes silhouette icon
    A custom promotional package (social posts, Email announcement, and a ReviewPro badge for your website).
  • Phone text silhouette icon
    The ability to easily send review invites via text message through your personal marketing dashboard.
  • 3 bullet points silhouette icon
    A live positive review feed added to your website. Patients will love seeing your real reviews right on your site!

What Can You Expect?

Online reviews can mean the difference between someone choosing you OR your competition.

More of What You Want

You want more positive online reviews on review sites like Google+, Yelp, etc. You want to be on top in Google My Business and search engine results pages.

Less of What You Don’t Want

You don’t want negative reviews. There will always be a way for someone to still leave a negative online review, but using ReviewPro will limit them and provide a solution to bury them as soon as possible.

Patients Will Love It

Ultimately, this tool makes it easier and more convenient for patients to provide feedback in the form of online reviews.

Your Questions, Our Answers

A growing list of answers to your questions:

No, ReviewPro is the foundation. It’s a machine, but it still needs promotion.

There are many practical ways a dental office can promote getting more online reviews while using ReviewPro. This is an ongoing process, and creative, practical suggestions and instructions are provided regularly through our Weekly Coach turnkey system. Please check it out.

Not automatically, but it can. Rather, we recommend hand-picking and using testimonials or reviews throughout your website to build trust in various services offered.

With the introductory package, you’ll also get the instructions to create a page that aggregates the best reviews if you'd like.

We've listened to the worries and concerns about reviews from our clients; from the common struggle of getting them in the first place, to the bad reviews hurting their business.

The truth is, reviews are complicated, and not having reviews on several sites could mean you miss that next client, something you don’t want, and we don’t want for you. So we began to search for the perfect reviews application solution, and we couldn’t find one. So we created one, and we are proud to share Review Pro with you! 

As you know, people get busy ... and even with the best intentions, patients often don't take the time to search out a way to leave you a review.

When you text your patients a custom review link, they can easily write a review while still in the office. Win-win!

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Obtaining more online reviews has never been easier!

  • ReviewPro

    Includes: Hosting, maintenance, initial setup, and branding

Download a FREE Review Disaster Kit Now

Because everyone doing business online will eventually get a bad review...


When it happens, this emergency preparedness eBook can help you:

  • Turn a negative review into an opportunity to increase patient conversions.
  • Add credibility to your positive reviews.
  • Endear potential patients to your practice.
  • Give your practice a chance to show how awesome it really is!


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