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Because your dental branding will eventually need a makeover, a pedicure, or maybe even a nose-job.

What Do People See When They Find You on the Internet?

Good dental branding requires two fundamental elements to convey top professional results:

  • Professional Graphics

    Our first goal is to professionalize your online visual assets (mullets may have been stylish in the 80s...not so much anymore). We'll get you up to date with the latest style.

  • Optimized and Effective Content

    Secondly, we ensure listings and social media are accurate and unified to both professionalize your image and increase positive signals to Google and other search engines.

Let’s Talk Packages

“Working with Roadside has truly transformed our practices from a branding standpoint. In a world where image is everything, Roadside went above and beyond to ensure our logo design, website, and marketing strategy reflected the quality of dental care and customer service we provide at ProGrin Dental.

— Brent Ayers from ProGrin Dental, Roadside Client

What Do You Get with BrandMaker?

The dental branding package we created will elevate you to the top of your competition.

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    A Great Look!

    Custom Social Branding: We design specialty profile and cover images just for you, with your unique branding.

    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn Business Page
    • Twitter
  • Content That Works!

    Accurate Listings: We reclaim / correct / delete renegade social accounts. (They're out there, trust us.)

    Optimized Social Sites: We set up and optimize social sites for your practice.


Download this Free Social Media Reference Guide

Master social marketing with this simplified pocket guide for dentists.


This free 45-page comprehensive eBook will show you:

  • What accounts dentists should have.
  • How to set these accounts up.
  • Best practices in using social media.
  • What should you post and how often.
  • How to build your audience.

An Investment Every Dental Practice Should Make

Having an accurate (and attractive) online presence results in:


There is nothing nicer than knowing all your ducks are in a row, except for knowing that your social presence is up-to-date and doing its job of representing you and what you stand for, 24-7.

Bragging Rights

When you see that you have the coolest brand among your peers (and in your community in general), simply put, it makes you proud of what you’ve built. Here's to feeling good!


AKA more patients and more money! We hear many times, over and over, that when searching for a new dentist, people will often look at the little details. Simply put, a strong, clean, modern, consistent, and well-optimized brand attracts new customers.

Your Questions, Our Answers

A growing list of answers to your questions:

These are the types of details that patients notice. When they click from your website to your Facebook, and the same colors and imagery are used, they know you care about the small things - and that makes you trustworthy. (IE: "I can tell that this dentist is going to give me the best smile makeover EVER!")
No worries! This is not our first rodeo. We follow a thorough process to help dig into what your practice is all about. We work with you, so the entire project is easy, and - dare we say - fun? We LOVE making you look good - and that passion comes through in our designs.
We feel we have the best dental branding team in the industry. Check out our portfolio and see if you agree!
Your UVP is your "Unique Value Proposition." This is a two-line statement we establish at the beginning of your project that guides the primary message of your website. It should always show how you are unique and attract the customers that you want. We have a UVP Wizard tool you can download to create yours easily today!
A website must always be written with the "buyer’s journey" in mind. Basically, you have three different types of visitors that come to your website at three different points before they buy, and you need to cater to each.
  1. AWARENESS. First of all, you have the visitor that is just exploring options. Does your website help them? Does it raise the AWARENESS that you are a good fit? They may not convert now, but they put you on a list.

  2. CONSIDERATION. Next, you have the person that is narrowing down their options. They look at your website to see if you are the one. Do you earn their trust? Do you include helpful information for them for free? Are your services convenient? At this point, they are looking at you versus your competition, and you need to shine!

  3. DECISION. Finally, you have the person that likes what you have to offer and is ready to pull the trigger. Does your site make it easy for them to sign up or call? Are all the call-to-actions inviting? Does your site give them the confidence to become a patient?
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Invest In Your Practice

From basic to deluxe, we got you. Let's talk about what best suits your needs.

  • Basic

    Logo Refresh Only

    Basic tweak of existing logo so that it can be used in responsive web design and social media.

  • Standard


    • Custom Social Media Branding
    • Optimization of all Social Sites

  • Deluxe

    New Logo Creation

    • Work directly with our Creative Director to create a personal brand and identity
    • Receive finished vector logo with several file types

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Other services that pair well with your new brand:
(We can also offer great wine suggestions.)

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Rank higher on search engines. Convert leads into new patients across all mobile devices.

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Boost your online reviews and limit negative feedback with this simple-to-use app.

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Collaborative SEO and marketing packages designed to deliver maximum results.

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